Nurturing a pet is a full time responsibility, share pet parents 

Getting a new pet is always an intimidating challenge. Having a furry friend is a beautiful journey, but one that comes with its own set of difficulties. 

Here is what pet parents share about how to handle a pet : – 

Patience is the key : 

For Kunal and Prerna Jadhav – Joey – named him after the popular FRIENDS character- has taught them everything about patience ever since they got him four years ago. 

The training phase requires regular practice and composure : 

Hygiene is necessary Tanvi Toshniwal, who is a dog trainer herself, got Sasha in October 2020 and says pet wipes are a must for puppies when going outside. Using a brush at an early age helps them get used to it, and cleaning the ears from the outside is recommended. 

Management skills are required : 

Rakesh M says that in his experience, many adopt pets only to abandon them later. He says pet parenting looks easy and cute and certain people fail to realize the effort required to actually manage it. 

Commitment is a must : 

Biscuit’s parents say a commitment of 15-20 years is a must if you’re adopting a young pet. They too say getting a pet should not just be a fancy, but it should also be a responsibility. Its a 24 * 7, 365 days job which one has to perform with full dedication and love. 

Home-cooked meals are the best : 

After the initial meat and protein phase, every pet parent has agreed that home-cooked meals are the best for adult dogs. They are easier to manage and provide more than sufficient nutrients as well. 

Make sure you think about this advice before you get your new family member!  

Shriya Simran Pradhan 

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