Nyati Grandeur : Pune Housing Society Committee Member Summoned by Deputy Registrar for Explanation on Three Child Policy Breach

Nyati Grandeur housing society located in Undri is in the news again as the deputy registrar of the co-operative housing society zone 4 has issued a notice demanding explanation on breaching the three child policy under the cooperative societies act, Maharashtra.   

The application against Shekhar Dhotre was filed by Vinayak Kelkar another member from the society. In the letter written by Kelkar to the deputy registrar, he stated that it is illegal to hold a position in the society management committee if one has three kids. In our society, Shekhar Dhotre has three kids and is still holding a position.  

Replying to the complaint letter sent by Kelkar, D S Housare, deputy registrar, Zone 4 has asked Shekhar Dhotre to appear before the office on June 14, 2023 and put forth his explanation. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Shekhar Dhotre said, “In response to the objection raised by Mr. Kelkar regarding my eligibility to hold any post in the management committees. I strongly believe that his objection is baseless, politically motivated, and serves the interests of the builders, rather than the well-being of the society. I request that you disqualify his complaint based on the following points:

Maharashtra Government 2005 GR: Mr. Kelkar argues that a person should not have three children after the year 2005, as per the Maharashtra Government 2005 GR. However, I would like to clarify that I did not have three children after the stipulated year.

Non-Indian Citizen Children: It is important to note that all three of my children are non-Indian citizens and were not born in India. Therefore, the provision mentioned by Mr. Kelkar does not apply to me.

Mr. Kelkar’s Lack of Objection: Despite being aware of the fact that I have three children, Mr. Kelkar did not raise any objection a year ago when the Returning Officer, Mr. Wanjale asked him during the filing of the election form. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that another member from our panel, Mr. Sanket Kulkarni, objected to Mr. Kelkar’s “Conflict of Interest” while filling up the election form and lodged a complaint with the Deputy Registrar. This inconsistency on Mr. Kelkar’s part indicates his constant change of goalposts to find fault with every member of the Management Committee in order to favor the builder’s interests.

I humbly request that you dismiss Mr. Kelkar’s objection, as it is clear that his motivations are politically driven and aimed at hindering the signing of the conveyance deed in the builder’s favor, rather than serving the interests of the society. Furthermore, I would like to bring to your attention that Mr. Kelkar himself has recently been served a notice for conflict of interest, indicating a potential revenge-driven agenda behind his objection and his intention to create nuisance value.

By disqualifying his complaint, you will enable me to continue fighting for the best interests of the society. If this objection stands, there will be a severe lack of representation for the society, and crucial decisions may be made without due consideration for the residents’ welfare, Dhotre added. 

Kelkar stated that the deputy registrar must take action the member for flouting the norms. The member is now asked to appear before the deputy registrar and give explanation on the complaint. 

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