On Cam Incident: Dog & Pet Parent Attacked With Sticks By Neighbour In Hyderabad

On Cam Incident: Dog & Pet Parent Attacked With Sticks By Neighbour In Hyderabad

On Cam Incident: Dog & Pet Parent Attacked With Sticks By Neighbour In Hyderabad

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Hyderabad: A distressing video circulating online depicts a horrifying scene where several men mercilessly beat a dog owner, his family, and their pet husky with sticks.

The incident, which has sparked outrage, occurred in Hyderabad.

(Warning: Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised)

According to reports, the altercation erupted after allegations that the family’s pet dog had bitten a neighbor. The situation escalated dramatically, resulting in the family members being hospitalized due to the violent assault.

The Telugu Scribe handle shared a video capturing the appalling ordeal. “Atrocious. The dog, the owner, and his wife were attacked upon entering the house,” the page detailed. “In Rahmat Nagar, Maduranagar, Srinath’s pet dog wandered into Dhanunjay’s residence across the street. A dispute ensued, leading Dhanunjay and two accomplices to assault and batter Srinath, his wife, and their pet dog with sticks.”

The footage shows a man standing on the roadside with his pet husky, moments before several men approach from the opposite direction. Amidst chaos, the dog’s leash is snatched, and the owner is forcibly pushed to the ground. In an alarming display of violence, the attackers begin striking both the man and the dog with sticks. 

A woman rushes to intervene, but she too becomes a target of the aggression. Fortunately, two more women step in to halt the attackers, with one bravely preventing a further assault by shielding the injured dog owner from a potential brick attack.

How did social media react?

The video has outraged people and prompted many to seek justice for the couple beaten by the group. An individual tagged Hyderabad City Police and urged, “Please take action.” 

The department replied, “Sir, kept in the notice of SHO Madhura Nagar

Another added, “Dear @hydcitypolice, I won’t tolerate this and condemn it in a strict manner. The dog cannot be beaten up in the end. This is a serious issue, and I will personally take it up with the courts if no strict action is ensured. We want the follow-up to be posted here,” added another.

“Please take serious action,” joined a third.

This reprehensible incident serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and non-violence, even in the face of conflict. It highlights the need for greater awareness and education on responsible pet ownership and peaceful conflict resolution within communities.