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Hair care is said to be the most tedious task for many. Fret not! Follow these seven days of hair care tips and get hair to kill for!

  • Day 1 – For those who have coloured or dyed hair, heat castor oil and massage lightly into the hair. Comb your hair to make sure there is even distribution of oil. Massage helps in improving circulation to the scalp and stimulates the follicles, thus encouraging hair growth. It is best to avoid vigorous massage or rubbing of the hair. Dip your towel in hot water and wrap it around your head.  
  • Day 2 – Shampoo your hair properly and wash with water. Take one part apple cider vinegar to eight parts water. This mixture is used to restore the normal acid-alkaline balance and helps to keep the scalp healthy. After shampoo, take used tea leaves and boil them again in 4 to 5 cups of water. Use the tea-water as a final rinse after shampoo. 
  • Day 3 – Take one egg to one tablespoon of your shampoo and mix well. Apply and wash the hair with this mixture. Egg helps in  cleansing the hair and adds to the volume of the hair.  For those with dry hair, rinse your hair with milk and allow it to absorb for 5 minutes. Rinse it off with plain water. Milk nourishes and softens the hair and gives it a healthy shine. If the hair has been subjected to sun-damage, applying milk would help to nourish, soften and restore health to it.  
  • Day 4 – Make a hair pack with moong dal. Soak the dal overnight in enough water. Next day, grind or blend it into a paste. Add 2 teaspoons oil and apply on the hair, like a pack. Wash it off after half an hour. 
  • Day 5 – For a quick pre-party treatment, put some cologne or lavender water on a piece of clean cloth. Wrap the cloth around a brush and brush your hair with it. You can also massage the hair and scalp with the cloth.
  • Day 6 – If the hair feels limp and without body, dissolve two tablespoons gelatin in two cups of boiling water. Cool it and use as a last rinse after shampoo. Applying egg white before shampoo also gives body to the hair and reduces the oily look. 
  • Day 7 – Take one tablespoon each castor oil and coconut oil, one tablespoon petroleum jelly and one teaspoon emulsifying wax. Melt the ingredients together over a water bath. Do not put directly on the flame. Then beat with your beater on low speed, till you have the hair dressing gel. Use very little of this to set the hair. This will act as a hair dressing cream to set unmanageable and rough hair.