Open air comedy festival returns to Pune 

In recent years, Pune has become a bustling spot for comedy and open mics. With clubs formed on every corner of the city and local events held every other weekend, anyone who enjoys comedy as art or entertainment can find something to do at any time of the week in the city. 

It’s not a surprise that the city also encompasses one of the largest audiences for comedy in the country. In lieu of that, the Pune Comedy Festival, India’s largest open-air comedy event, is all set to return with its 5th edition this year. Commencing on April 7 to 9, the event is experiencing one of its biggest ever shows with a total headcount of around 9-10k. 

Founded by magician Vivek Desai and organized by Laughing Lion Events and NODWIN Gaming, this year’s event will be held in Mayfield Estate, Kharadi and will be headlined by some of the most popular comic artists in India. So much has been the hype around it that the festival has extended itself for another third day in contrast to the usual two-day event. 

The first day will see Harsh Gujr Rahula Dua and many more delight the audience with their hilarity, followed by none other than Biswa Kalyan Rath, Rahul Subramanium and more on the second day. Zakir Khan will return to Pune after his third edition of PCF in 2018 on the third day. 

The hiatus due to the pandemic broke in 2022, Ishan of PCF says that they are overwhelmed with the response. Starting out with around 1500 attendees in the first edition- a tremendous response given the city’s amateur knowledge about the genre of comedy- and coming here has definitely been an experience. He adds that PCF’s quality of bringing together the biggest comedy artists of India on one platform is not only a lively experience for the fans but also for the comedians to chill and enjoy with each other. Pune’s comic scene has always been strong and eager since the very beginning. 

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Shriya Simran Pradhan  

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