Pune News : Open BRT routes for private vehicles to reduce congestion, demand Pimple Saudagar residents

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Residents of Pimple Saudagar have submitted a letter to the head of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML), Om Prakash Bakoria, requesting the formal opening of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) route to carpooling cars and company buses. The proposal aims to increase the utilization of the BRTS system, reduce traffic congestion and promote sustainable transportation methods. Residents Ravi Bhosale, Chetan Kappe and Prashant Dhakane recently met the PMPML CMD and handed over a letter demanding various issues.   

In their letter to the PMPML head, the residents stated, “We understand that Pune traffic is increasing day by day and it is difficult to reduce traffic. With limited scope of infrastructure, we need to apply smart methods/techniques to use current infrastructure wisely so that it will help citizens and reduce fuel, pollution, time, etc.”

The residents’ proposal suggests that opening the BRTS route to carpooling cars and company buses during non-peak hours would maximize its utilization and benefit citizens by reducing travel time and air pollution. The proposal also emphasizes the importance of promoting carpooling and company transport to reduce the number of cars on the road and ease traffic congestion.

Prashant Dhakne, a resident of Pimple Saudagar, explained the rationale behind the proposal, stating, “As the CMD made it clear that the BRT routes won’t be closed, so we demanded that if private vehicles will be allowed on these routes, it will ease the traffic flow. As the other lanes face traffic jams, while the BRT routes are empty most of the time.”

“We have made a request to PMPML to open the BRT routes formally so this will reduce traffic congestion,” said Chetan Kappe, resident of Pimple Saudagar.

PMPML chairman and managing director Omprakash Bakoria, he said, “ We are not planning to open the BRT routes for private vehicles as of now.”