Oral Health Hygiene must be a priority for all age groups

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The importance of oral hygiene for overall wellness cannot be undermined, say Dr. Ruchira Beri Khanna and Dr. Ankit Khanna of Health Chakra.

The primary goal of oral hygiene is to prevent the build-up of plaque that can lead to tooth decay or gum infection. Oral hygiene must be a priority for people of all age groups. It cannot be ignored or delayed for any reason, as small ignorance may lead to severe health issues.

Our mouth acts like a door to the inside of our body and keeping our mouth and teeth clean helps in preventing the risks of several health complications.

Simple habits of brushing twice in a day, immediate medical help during tooth ache, gum problems, or any other dental issues, using the right brush and toothpaste, avoiding usage of tobacco and tobacco related products are small but very important steps which people can follow in their daily routine. For all other dental issues, seeking help from a dental expert is mandatory.

Founders of Health Chakra, Dr. Ruchira Beri Khanna and Dr. Ankit Khanna, are both committed to improving access to quality oral health services through technology and innovation. They are seasoned dentists with over 1 7 years of work in the industry with a mission to provide a holistic approach to health care.

Dr. Ruchira is an MDS in Prosthodontics and Dr. Ankit is an Implantologist and Laser specialist.

Proponents of laser dentistry and pioneers in the field of painless dentistry, they both have been ranked several times among the best dentists in the country. Their USP is offering pain free and fast treatments.

To make dental health check-ups accessible for all, they introduced Health Chakra. It is the 1st Mobile Dental Health clinic service in Pune which aims at providing health care services at your doorstep in the year 2022. Health Chakra offers state of the art dental services to patients with the help of advanced technology and equipment like:, Dental Scanner, Digital X-rays, Laser surgery, Laser Endodontics, Aligners etc. 

Health Chakra is among the few dental clinics in India to have an intra-oral scanner. Their mission is to offer quality oral health service through integrated methods including teleconsultations, in-person care at your doorstep.

Health chakra brings in the difference and multiple benefits through holistic approach to oral healthcare and by periodically educating and upskilling healthcare workers and providing accredited training processes.

Importance of Oral Healthcare

  • Acts as a gateway to overall health
  • To increase your confidence, good tooth alignment is the foundation
  • Ignorance of oral health care can lead to severe health issues for individuals
  • Maintaining good oral health helps in chewing food properly, which further helps in digestive process
  • Early detection of ailments such as diabetes and osteoporosis can be managed
  • Immediate medical attention will help in less Invasive processes
  • Impact of oral cancer, gum disease in India can be curbed.