Organ donation at Command Hospital, Pune saves life of two patients

65 year old father of a serving soldier suffered extensive brain damage following an accident and was found to be brain dead when he was brought to the hospital. Rest of his organs such as heart, kidneys, liver, eyes and lungs were still functioning. These organs begin to fail after a variable period of brain death.

This period between brain death and failing of other organs gives a unique opportunity to the family members to consider donating the deceased person’s vital organs for the benefit of those people who are in dire need of these organs instead of cremating them. Thus, these vital organs of the brain dead person continue to live on even after the person has died !

The patient’s family members were approached by the hospital staff and explained the entire situation. With kindness in their hearts, they consented for donating the kidneys of their patient. 

On 15 March 2023, at the appropriate time, the team of doctors retrieved both kidneys from the deceased patient and were immediately transplanted into a 36-year-old lady, wife of another Indian army soldier at Command Hospital (SC). 

The other kidney was given to a 36-year-old male patient admitted to a hospital in Nashik. Such a large number of patients with kidney failure otherwise die just waiting for organs for transplantation into them. 

The humane act of family members of the deceased person in this case was life saving for two patients, waiting desperately for such an act.

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