PA system worth crores, procured for Smart City Initiative, lies unused

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Under the Smart City Project initiated by the Central Government, the Pune Municipal Corporation procured a *P A – Public Address* – System for the entire city. The system, worth of crores of rupees, is designed to address all citizens of Pune at once, especially in an emergency or a disaster situation.However, owing to the lax, blind, and corrupt governance of the existing corporators, it lies unused. The only time it rendered usage was during the peaks of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, it should be clear that it’s usage during the pandemic was an outlier. 

The PA System, placed at 136 crossroads in the city, has the potential to aid governance and serve the public in numerous ways. 
Aam Aadmi Party Pune has demanded that the system should be put to use immediately. 

Vijay Kumbhar, State Organizer and Pune City Working President (AAP) explained, “The procured PA System is very useful for schools, offices, and other public places in the city. Its primary purpose of is to make public announcements, especially alerts in case of emergencies. The PA System employs state of the art technology involving microphones, amplifiers, and speakers. Its usage at the right volumes could lead to an easement of communication between the public and the government. It is disappointing that the PMC, even after having complete control over the system, doesn’t use it. These are the tell-tale signs of a corrupt organization.”

The Aam Aadmi Party (Pune) vehemently opposes the non-use of the city’s PA System. What could have been used for public welfare, is now a design that lies barely touched. The party demands that the system be put back into regular use, and that the related government officers be charged for their negligence, it informed. 

“We at AAP believe that public funds must be used properly, effectively, and truthfully. We will keep raising our voices against corrupt practices in the city, ” stated the press release. 

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