Painting workshop held in Nyati Exotica

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Paint Your Dream, an open studio, jointly organised by Nyati Exotica CHS and The Art Workshop Designs was held on Sunday June 19, 2022 .  This event was held in the premise of Nyati Exotica CHS, Mohammad Wadi from 0730 am for over 4 hours on Sunday, 19 June 2022. Over 30 participants of various ages (from 7 years to 70 years) worked with Canvas and Drawing Paper as the base and colors of their choice including Acrylic paint, crayons, water colors, colour pencils and regular pencils as the medium. 

The participants had a lot of fun and laughter apart from great paintings that they made. Some of the parents who came to the event to also got excited and joined in trying their hand. 

Puneeta Ranjan, an eminent artist and her team were present through out the event to help and guide  the participants with their theme, colour, medium, sketching  etcetera. Live guitar and saxophone  was also played that created a beautiful ambience for painting.  This event generated a total of 37 art works that included 22 canvas paintings  and 15 Paper drawings. These art works are being exhibited in the society premise on 25 June 22, Saturday after which they will be given to the artists.

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