SNBP school to Kokane chowk: Road congested, residents irked

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Residents blame negligence of authorities to resolve local citizens problems

The approach road connecting SNBP school and Kokane chowk gets congested quite often, especially during the opening and closing time of the school located in their lane. Residents of housing societies near the school have lodged multiple complaints with the school management asking them to regulate the vehicle parking of the parents, but with little effect.

The congestion is usually observed around 7 am and 1 pm.

Talking about the traffic congestion issue, Soumo Priyo Ghosh, chairman of Greenlands society said, “It is unfortunate that even after reporting the issue to the authorities, there is no solution in sight. Most of the times, a vehicle gets stuck for more than 20 minutes in the said lane.”

Sachin Shinde, a committee member of Greenlands society, said, “We have raised this issue with the Principal and area corporator, Nana Kate and we get a temporary solution only. Parents and transporters park their vehicles on both the sides of the road which restricts the smooth vehicle flow. This is a major issue and school should resolve this, but they don’t seem interested to.”

He further continued, “The principal continues to turn a blind eye towards the pan shops which are just in front of the school.”

Upon escalating the complaint to the Wakad SPI, Satyavan Mane, he said, “If the complaints are submitted, I will interact with the Traffic Police Inspector and get this resolved at the earliest.”

Satish Patil, a committee member of Greenlands Society, said, “Office goers find it hard to commute on the road during the school opening time. We have raised this issue multiple times but we have not got a solution to this problem.”

Pune Pulse reached out to area corporator Nana Kate but he didn’t respond to the calls.

Jayshree Venkatraman, representative from SNBP school in Rahatni while talking to Pune Pulse said, “The schools have re-opened nearly after two years. Parents need little more time to avail the transport services before they declog the approach road. I will humbly request those who are affected to please spare us some time and we will resolve this issue. I understand their concern but our teachers too are present outside the school to manage the students and their parents. We are trying our best. A solution will be floated into action, soon.”

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