Passenger singing Bhajan in flight, netizens slam IndiGo 

Passenger singing Bhajan in flight, netizens slam IndiGo

Passenger singing Bhajan in flight, netizens slam IndiGo

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Indigo is getting slammed on the internet for letting a passenger sing “Raghu Patil Raghava Raja Ram” amidst flight. The passenger was seen playing Dholak (drum). 

The flight destination could not be ascertained. 

Whereas some of the passengers joined him to sing, others were seen recording it. This incident has taken place almost 3 weeks after Ram Mandir inauguration at Ayodhya, but the destination of the passenger has not been confirmed yet. 

The video went viral on X on 6th February,2023 where everyone in the comment section lashed out on Indigo for letting a person carry Dholak (drum) inside the airplane. 

Comments were passed on such as “Made a Borivali local out of Indigo plane.” Other said “It’s called disturbing the peace! I am surprised that the airline did not file a complaint. But then, Its Indigo!”

A flyer on his X handle stated, “Paying high cost and get a feel of travelling in Mumbai Local train.”

Another one shared, “What is this nuisance? And how did IndiGoE allow this ?

A flyer slammed the airline, he stated, “It is not acceptable. Everyone pays for travel and deserves rest and sleep. 

Indigo Airlines is yet to give a comment on the same.

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