Passenger Tries to Open Door on IndiGo Flight En Route to Hyderabad

Passenger Tries to Open Door on IndiGo Flight En Route to Hyderabad

Passenger Tries to Open Door on IndiGo Flight En Route to Hyderabad

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Authorities step in as a passenger’s erratic conduct leads to a dramatic incident aboard IndiGo’s flight.

In a startling incident aboard an IndiGo flight bound for Hyderabad, chaos ensued as a passenger allegedly attempted to open the aircraft door mid-air. The harrowing ordeal unfolded just moments before the flight was scheduled to touch down at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA).

According to police reports, the 29-year-old passenger, identified as Anil Patil, had purportedly consumed marijuana(‘bhang’) prior to boarding the flight, setting the stage for a series of concerning events. Patil, a resident of Chandragiri Nagar in Gajularamaram, had embarked on the flight from Indore, accompanied by two friends with whom he had recently visited Ujjain on a pilgrimage. 

Trouble arose when the flight crew observed Patil’s erratic behaviour shortly after departure from Indore. Sensing the need for intervention, the crew relocated him to a different seat. However, Patil persisted in his desire to sit alongside his companions and, after persuasion, was allowed to do so. As the flight progressed, Patil’s behaviour continued to raise alarms among passengers and crew alike. Witnesses recount moments of disturbance, including an altercation with another passenger, prompting concerns for the safety of those on board.

The situation escalated dramatically when, during the approach for landing at RGIA, Patil allegedly made a move towards the aircraft door, prompting swift action from airline staff and fellow passengers. Despite efforts to restrain him, Patil persisted in his attempt to open the door, prompting immediate intervention.

Following the incident, Patil was apprehended by authorities upon arrival at RGIA. A complaint lodged by the airline staff led to his arrest. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Patil’s actions may have been influenced by his purported consumption of marijuana(‘bhang’) a psychoactive substance.