PCMC begins search for areas to store COVID19 vaccine

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Akash Dhanurkar

After a number stressful months, the news on vaccine has finally come as a relief to the city and the country. Amid the meet of PM Narendra Modi to the Serum center in Pune, the civic authorities from PCMC have begun planning the storage of COVID vaccine.

According to the information given by PCMC commissioner to Pune Pulse, Shravan Hardikar, the PCMC has begun the internal survey to indentify the locations for storing the COVID Vaccines in the city. To plan security and the location for mass storage of the vaccine, the authorities have geared up with suggesting multiple locations in the city that can be used for the supply and storage.

While talking with Pune Pulse, Shravan Hardikar said, “We have received notification from the state and central government to start planning for the storage of the vaccine. We are in process through an internal survey to identify the locations in the city. Apart from location, we are also seeking suggestions from the health workers and other authorities on security and transport of the vaccine from storage place to the hospitals.”

Citizens on knowing about the news on COVID vaccine, expressed their thanks to the health workers and the scientists who worked round the clock to finally develop the vaccine. Abhijeet Malkari, a college student, from Kasarwadi area said, “I feel sad for them who succumbed to COVID, but this news had come as a big relief. Industries will re-start and we will be back on track again.”

Another resident from Bhosari, Akshay Jadhav Patil, said, “So many deaths and such a big financial loss to the country. I am thankful to th health workers that they have been trying to save further destruction.”