PCMC encourages its employees to buy electric vehicles ; announces subsidy

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The PCMC Commissioner has informed that employees buying battery operated electric vehicles will get benefits from the civic administration. The PCMC Commissioner has issued a letter stating the benefits of going sustainable and eco friendly. He said that opting for a sustainable lifestyle has proven benefits. PCMC also plans to set up EV charging stations at many strategic locations across the city.

PCMC officials and employees under the Battery Electric Vehicle (BVS) Resolution 2021 under the Industries, Energy and Employees Department as per the resolution issued on September 8, 2021 has been encouraging the government employees to opt for eco friendly transport system. Patil said on similar lines, the standing committee recently approved the proposal for allowing officials and employees to buy such vehicles at a concessional rate. As per the resolution, the PCMC employees as well as officials will get a 10 percent discount or Rs 10,000 whichever is less on the basic price of a two wheeler. The cost for registration and other charges shall be paid by the official or employee. In case of four wheelers, 10 percent discount or Rs One lakh 50 thousand whichever is less. This policy will be recognised as PCMC Battery ELectric Vehicle Policy and shall be applicable only on battery electric vehicles only. This policy will be applicable for five years only from the date of announcement. Registration of these vehicles should be under the Maharashtra RTO and should be sold in Maharashtra.
Under this policy, mild hybrid, strong hybrid and plug in hybrid electric vehicles are not covered.

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