PCMC forms 8 ward health action plan task force committee

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PCMC forms 8 ward health action plan task force committee

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The regional officers will be appointed as chairman of the Ward Health Action Plan-Task Force Committee responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the committee and resolving the daily challenges encountered by all hospitals and dispensaries under the municipal corporation at the regional office level. 

Furthermore, Commissioner and Administrator Shekhar Singh stated that regional offices have been entrusted with the authority to allocate financial resources in accordance with Form ‘A’.

The municipal corporations have been instructed by the state government to implement the ‘City Health Action Plan’ proposed by the National Health System Resource Centre (NHSRC). 

In line with this, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has been chosen on a trial basis, in collaboration with UNICEF, to develop a ‘Ward and City Health Action Plan’ at the local level. 

The principles of this plan will serve as a reference for the entire state of Maharashtra in the coming years. To formulate the plan, a task force dedicated to ward health action has been established.

The state government’s guidelines have prompted the medical department to collaborate with UNICEF and Yashada in order to devise an action plan. 

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has been segmented into eight regional offices, each with its own hospital to facilitate the execution of the national programme. Health services are currently being administered by the medical department.

The implementation of the Ward Health Action Plan will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Regional Officer at the regional office level, who will be granted financial authority. 

To facilitate the execution of this task, a collaborative committee comprising the senior medical officer from the respective hospital, the executive engineer from the regional office, as well as the architectural, water supply, drainage, and regional officers has been established.

 It is imperative that administrative and financial resolutions are made and executed to ensure the successful completion of this endeavour.