PCMC urges citizens to use water wisely; Lists ways of saving & preserving water

PCMC urges citizens to use water wisely; Lists ways of saving & preserving water

PCMC urges citizens to use water wisely; Lists ways of saving & preserving water ( Representational Image )

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The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has appealed to citizens to make use of water wisely and refrain from wasting it.

As per information, the PCMC has appealed people of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal area that summer has started. There is no guarantee that the coming monsoon will start in June. The possibility of water shortage in the city cannot be ruled out if monsoon starts late. Therefore, all citizens need to use water sparingly from now on. For this, it is necessary to avoid misuse of drinking water.

For this, all citizens should use drinking water properly and sparingly for domestic use. As water does not go stale, the remaining water should not be thrown away. That water should be reused. Also, drinking water should not be used for cleaning vehicles, for gardening and watering, for cleaning houses or buildings and premises, for washing.

Also, all the society holders should keep the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) and borewell in good condition and use its water for toilets in the flats, cleaning of garden areas within the society etc, so that drinking water can be saved.

If it is noticed that drinking water is being misused for washing cars, washing roads, washing houses, and society premises, the said people will first be given a notice about the misuse. Even after that, if anyone is found misusing drinking water for the second time, no excuse will be entertained and the water connection will be disconnected immediately.

However, all citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad city are appealed that water is life. Water should be used sparingly so that it will be available to everyone till the coming monsoon season i.e. May-June and July and there will be no shortage of water and this summer will be tolerable for everyone. However, all citizens are requested again that as a responsible citizen, you can easily save water as follows:

  • 1) Do not use drinking water to clean vehicles.
  • 2) Avoid washing the patio, stairs or floors, and use a minimum amount of water for cleaning.
  • 3) Repair the leaking taps in the house immediately.
  • 4) Do not throw water on the road in front of the house, do not wash the roads.
  • 5) Do not use drinking water for potted plants, or gardening.

However, all the citizens are appealed to realize their responsibility and use water sparingly and save water, so that there is no shortage of water before the coming monsoon.

Shreyas Vange

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