Prevent Accidents Before They Happen: Proactive Measures Essential, Urges Corporator Shatrughan Kate

Prevent Accidents Before They Happen: Proactive Measures Essential, Urges Corporator Shatrughan Kate

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Shatrughan Kate turned in a written statement to the Municipal Commissioner to prevent a repeat of the incident at Ghatkopar.

Today on Wednesday 15/05/2024, the corporator Shatrughan Kate sent a written letter to the Municipal Commissioner Shri Shekhar Singh, to draw his attention to this important issue of the loss of lives of citizens due to hoarding collapse at Ghatkopar. He said that it should not be repeated in Pimpri Chinchwad city. The letter stated,
“The news of the loss of innocent lives in the hoarding collapse at Ghatkopar during the storm that hit Mumbai on Monday is spreading everywhere today. Numerous such hoardings have been erected in the city and every citizen is waiting to see what steps the administration will take to prevent such an unfortunate thing from happening to the citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad. Every citizen is looking at these hoardings standing in many public places in the city, i.e. places where there is a large amount of public traffic, and the area with the hoarding is considered a death trap and the people of the city feel unsafe to walk in public places. Has the municipal administration examined how strong or safe these hoardings in the city are?

Are the hoardings standing in chauka-chauka as per the model rules of the municipality? The survey should be done through the municipality. Have the mentioned beneficiary hoarding companies followed the rules of how many hoardings should be erected in the square and of what size? Is the information provided by the beneficiary hoarding holders while taking permission, and is the situation after erecting the hoarding reviewed by the municipality? How far from the square should the hoarding be erected? What action will be taken on unauthorized hoarding? All these questions and these hoardings have disfigured Shahar.
Are electric advertisement hoardings at BRTS project implemented bus stations also safe? Many citizens are using the BRTS bus facility extensively today and huge hoardings have been installed at the bus station itself at this busy location. It is known to be a revenue generating factor for the municipality but what is the use of the prosperity gained by playing with the lives of the citizens? These advertisement hoardings erected at BRTS bus stops are made of metal and hence are very heavy in weight so the possibility of accidents cannot be ruled out. Also, due to the electricity supply to the advertisement board with LED display on it, a worker was electrocuted by the cable a few days ago.
In a few days, the monsoon will return to the state and three to four months of rain and strong winds and storms will begin. No one can do anything against nature. Can the municipal administration guarantee that the people can move freely and safely in such a situation without the fear of these accidents? If the answer is yes, then prove it through your work and take action against this life-threatening hoarding.”

Through this letter, Kate warned the municipal administration to avoid any major calamity and bring misfortune upon them. Rather than regretting after the accident, he stated, it is necessary to take strong and forceful steps beforehand. He further added that if the devastation caused by the hoarding collapse at Ghatkopar in Mumbai is repeated in the city of Pimpri Chinchwad, then it should be noted that the municipal administration will be fully responsible for it.
At this time, Municipal Commissioner Shri Shekhar Singh has also promised to take the necessary strict steps in this regard considering the seriousness of the demand made through this letter.