100 dogs get their own QR based ‘Aadhaar Cards’ in New Delhi 

100 dogs get their own QR based 'Aadhaar Cards' in New Delhi

100 dogs get their own QR based 'Aadhaar Cards' in New Delhi

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An NGO in Delhi, has provided 100 dogs with their own special ‘Aadhaar Cards’. This move aims to protect strays from dangers like relocation or getting lost. The drive, which took place on April 27, saw dogs in various locations, including Delhi Terminal 1 (T-1) airport, India Gate, and a local dog shelter.

These innovative Aadhaar cards, developed by NGO Pawfriend.in, utilize QR codes for identification. Unlike costly microchips, the QR codes offer a unique, inexpensive, and easy-to-use solution. Each QR code contains comprehensive information about the stray, including details about their feeder and emergency contacts.

By simply scanning the QR code, passersby can access all the vital information needed to reunite lost dogs with their caregivers. This method eliminates the need for separate scanners and makes the process quick and efficient.

The initiative aims to safeguard strays and ensure their well-being in the bustling city. With the QR-based identification tags, authorities and concerned individuals can easily locate and assist lost dogs, providing them with the care and support they need. This initiative highlights the importance of community efforts in protecting and caring for animals in need. Therefore, the introduction of ‘Aadhaar Cards’ for dogs marks a significant step forward in animal welfare efforts in Delhi.