Peshwe Park & Bajirao Road stretch to be shut ; Check details

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Peshwe Park & Bajirao Road stretch to be shut ; Check details

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To make way for a food plaza close to Sarasbaug, the connecting road between Peshwe Park and Bajirao Road would be shut.

The Pune Municipal Corporation is asking the public to voice their concerns and recommendations regarding the closure. The 155-meter-long and 20-foot-wide road will be utilized for parking and the rehabilitation of current roadside eateries.

It has been stated by a senior PMC official that suggestions and objections are welcome. Within a month, citizens can turn them in. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

According to a PMC official, traffic will not be significantly impacted by the road closure. On this section, there are alternate routes for travel.

According to the official, the roadside eateries that are currently there will be replaced by a two-story food plaza close to Sarasbaug. Its tender process has concluded. There will be a variety of stores in the plaza, including international fast-food chains. There will be 40 shops on the second floor and 50 shops on the first floor. The food plaza will house all of Sarasbaug Is currently operating, authorized food vendors. Approximately, 200 vehicles can be parked underground.

According to the official, Sarasbaug Garden’s northern internal road is home to a number of eateries that draw large crowds on weekends and in the evenings.

The cascading effect is often felt on major roads like Bajirao Road and Tilak Road, and this frequently causes significant traffic jams close to the garden. Additionally, there are a lot of encroachments close to where the food joints are now located.

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