Pimple Saudagar resident wins runners up title in Miss India 2021 contest

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A Pimple Saudagar resident, Mrunal Surve, a 17 year old Science student, earned the title of runner up in a recently held Miss India contest in Goa, organised by Taj Events and Production.

Mrunal, who was very close to clinching the title of ‘Miss India’ by Taj Events, has been a winner of MISS MY EARTH 2019 title. She earned accolades for her beautiful mindset that answered one of trickiest questions in the final round even while being slightly tensed and nervous. In the final round, the judges questioned her: “Would you marry a man with a large heart or a large purse?” Mrunal earned a round of applause with her quick response to the question: “I would definitely love to marry a man with a large heart because if he can care about me and his loved ones, then we can definitely grow together, irrespective of the wealth he owns.”

Pune Pulse reached out to Mrunal to understand her struggle and journey at the contest.

Mrunal, while talking about why she took up this off beat career, which is often questioned and criticized by many aspirants, Mrunal said, “To be honest, nothing goes without saying that my parents supported me in the first place. They never filled me with negativity, which somewhere pushed me ahead without caring of falling. I knew that even if I fall, my parents are going to hold me and push me ahead, no matter how many times they had to do. Their irreplaceable support earned me crowns.”

She further said, “Secondly, I used to watch a lot of fashion shows on MTV India. I used to visualize myself. So, I kept sowing the seed of tomorrow by dedicating my time to my dreams. I joined a workshop in February, 2019, which also kick started my career in modelling industry.”

Mrunal, who is also a science student, kept her student life balanced while participating in the contest.

While sharing her struggle, she said, “I don’t support snubbing the studies while trying to climb the ladder in the modeling industry. Only beauty with brain can win any hurdle, let alone be modeling. I support completing studies before one decides to invest time into careers like Modeling.

Mrunal, who is a winner of two titles, went through a peak of nervousness amid the Miss India competition. She walked her call on the ramp like a winner, which earned her accolades from the crowd. Describing her experience, she said, “I wasn’t confident enough about the General Knowledge round. I think, my walk won me the confidence to confront the questions challenging the general knowledge. Being nervous is fine, because it displays how much you love success. And then, one has to also overcome the stage of nervousness and win the heart of the world and the judges by elevating the chin, putting up a smile and tackle what comes ahead.”

Mrunal Surve is a Kunal Icon resident.