Pimple Saudagar Road Closures: A Major Stumbling Block in Lok Sabha Election Campaigns

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In Pimple Saudagar, a critical issue has surfaced that is dominating the local conversation and affecting political campaigns: the closure of major roads between Kunjirwasti and Rakshak Chowk. This development has greatly impacted the daily lives of residents and become a focal point in the electoral strategies of competing parties.
Sanjog Waghere of the MahaVikas Aghadi in his campaign is highlighting the concerns of the IT sector in the area that are closely aligned with the MahaVikas Aghadi’s objectives.The road closures have not only inconvenienced daily commutes but have also led to significant frustration among the electorate. During his campaign visits, Waghere faced strong comments from locals about how the closure is affecting the local citizens. “The blocked stretch from Kunjirwasti to Rakshak Chowk, which is only 650 meters long, has caused considerable disruption,” Waghere acknowledged in his speeches.The roadblock has exacerbated traffic on the already busy Nasik Phata-Wakad BRT route, making daily commutes unbearable for many. The extended travel times have led some residents to either relocate, abandon jobs, or discontinue education.Despite a directive from the High Court in October 2015, which ordered the reopening of these roads, the issue persists, forcing residents to detour an additional four kilometers to reach their destinations. In response, the community formed the “Road Protection Committee,” involving members from local housing societies who have petitioned for action on the road closures.Sanjog Waghere has promised prompt action to reopen the roads if elected, stating, “I will make it a priority to reopen these roads and restore normalcy for our community.”As the election approaches, the resolution of the road closures remains a pivotal issue for the residents of Pimple Saudagar. Their votes may hinge on the candidates’ commitment to solving this problem that affects their everyday lives.