PM Modi Transforms India into a Strong Nation with Modernization Efforts, Says Shrirang Barane”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has steered the nation towards strength and self-reliance through the modernization of the armed forces and advancements in defense production. His resolve extends to resolving longstanding issues like the Ram Janmabhoomi and Kashmir. To further empower India, Barane emphasized the necessity for Modi to continue as Prime Minister, as expressed during the senior citizens’ association’s anniversary celebration.

During the event, attended by notable figures like Shankar Jagtap, Sandeep Kaspaté, Arun Kaspaté, Mukund Damkale, and others, Shrirang Barane was lauded. Amidst chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ Barane was wished success in the upcoming elections. The decision to nominate Barane was endorsed by the senior citizens’ association members.