PMC installs 8 cloth bag vending machines in Pune

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In a commendable effort to combat plastic pollution, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has installed 8 cloth bag vending machines across various locations in Pune on World Environment Day. The objective behind this initiative is to encourage the use of cloth bags and minimize the reliance on plastic bags.

Ketaki Ghatge, the Nodal Officer of Swachh Sarvekshan at PMC, highlighted the purpose of these vending machines, stating, “We aim to significantly reduce plastic pollution by promoting the widespread adoption of durable cloth bags. Anyone can obtain these cloth bags from the vending machines by inserting a 10 rupee coin.”

Currently, the PMC has deployed 6 vending machines at the following locations:

  • Mahatma Phule Mandai (1 machine)
  • Hadapsar Mandai (1 machine)
  • Tulshi Baug (1 machine)
  • Sutar Hospital Kothrud (1 machine)
  • Market Yard (2 machines)

The remaining two machines will be installed at Jilbya Maruti Ganapati / Laxmi Road on Ganesh Chaturthi and Sharada Ganapati Mandir (Phule Mandai Ganapati).

In addition to the environmental benefits, this initiative also aims to empower women in need by providing employment opportunities in the production of these cloth bags.

Following a one-month assessment of the current vending machines’ utility, the PMC plans to install more machines at several other locations in Pune in the future, furthering their commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Shreyas Vange