PMC proposes new bridge between Kalyani Nagar and Koregaon Park to decongest traffic 

Pune : The officials from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) said that they have proposed to construct a bridge connecting Koregaon Park to Kalyani Nagar area to decongest traffic.

According to officials, they have proposed a bridge of estimated cost of Rs 28 crore and tender process related to it will start soon.

‘’Widening of the bridge connecting Kalyani Nagar to Koregaon Park by nine metre proposal was proposed by me in 2014-15 hence traffic going towards north will get some relief.At that time estimated budget was Rs 3.5 crore,’’ said Babu Wagaskar former corporator and MNS leader.

Wagaskar further said that,if at that time, PMC would have done it, then the cost of the project would have been saved.

According to local residents, they have to face massive traffic jam issues near Koregaon park bridge while heading towards Kalyani Nagar.This proposed project will not only save the commuting times but also helps for the ease of vehicular movement on the North main road.

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