PMC Takes Stern Action Against Littering by Shopkeepers and Employees of IT Park in Kalyani Nagar

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has addressed the issue of encroachment & littering happening due to employees of Cerebrum IT Park Company & tea sellers creating litter.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Somnath Bankar, Kalyani Nagar PMC Ward Officer, said “Some days back, we took strict action against encroachment by tea sellers on footpaths near Cerebrum IT Park Company. Due to the encroachment, company employees used to come to have a tea, creating a lot of litter of plastic cups etc nearby. Hence, we have warned the tea sellers of strict action.”

As per information, a fine of Rs. 3000/- was levied upon those who were found guilty of littering on the public road. Health Inspector Pradip Kumar Raut and Sanitary Inspector Avinash More played integral roles in conducting the operation and ensuring that the appropriate action was taken. The shopkeepers involved were instructed to place dustbins in designated areas, thereby promoting responsible waste disposal practices. Additionally, the manager of the Cerebrum Company was instructed to ensure that employees refrain from disposing of garbage outside of designated areas.

Pradipkumar Raut, PMC Health Inspector, said “We have taken strict action by fining all tea sellers Rs 3000 for littering the premises as a lot of space on the footpath near Cerebrum IT Park Company gets littered with plastic cups etc thrown in any way by tea sellers & their customers.”

Kalyani Nagar residents have shown satisfaction by saying that it is heartening to witness such prompt and effective action being taken against littering, which not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of Pune city but also contributes to the overall health and well-being of our community members. This incident highlights the collaborative efforts of responsible citizens, local authorities, and private enterprises in upholding the values of cleanliness and environmental responsibility.

Shreyas Vange