PMC to install sound barriers at COEP chowk

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The students of College of Engineering, Pune can now heave a sigh of relief as sound barriers will be installed at the COEP chowk by the Pune Municipal Corporation. The standing committee of the corporation came up with this decision after the students complained of noise pollution. The sound barriers worth 2 crore 83 lakh rupees will be installed soon.  

Speaking about the decision, Shrinivas Bonala, Chief Engineer, Project, PMC said, “We conducted a study at the location and found that the current noise level is around 90 decibels. After installing sound barriers, it will be reduced to 20 decibels. This will be helpful for the students and professors of COEP.” 

Dr P M Raval, professor of civil department, COEP said.”The college campus was registered in 1854. After that, flyovers and other constructions came up. The noise increased. We, at the civil department, especially suffer from the railway noise while teaching or studying.  We hope PMC will solve our issue as soon as possible.” 

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