MNS leader Vasant More paints Swachh ATM black

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More says machine lacks purpose and instead, the company involved is indulging in power theft 

Pune: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) politician Vasant More who was complaining about the swachh ATM installed at various places in Pune for collection of used plastic bottles and cans, painted it black on Thursday, as a way of protest.  

Vasant More painted the swachh atm installed at FC road black and registered his protest. He said, “The company which has installed it is not serving the motive of cleanliness and has not even appointed anyone to create awareness about the machine to people passing by. Instead have placed them to earn money through advertising.  Therefore, I appeal to people to paint them black.”

The company has installed 10 Swachh Atms within PMC limits including one at JM road, FC road, Katraj, Kharadi, Baner and Koregaon park. 

Vasant More said, “The company has not signed any agreement with Pune Municipal Corporation. And PMC is not benefiting from this machine. This machine requires electricity and they have placed this machine on footpaths from where the electricity is easily available.”

“They have no right to advertise and they are stealing electricity for this. I spoke to concerned Pune Municipal officers regarding the issue and will be asking the electricity department head to register a case against the company for stealing electricity,” said More. 

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