PMC to set up squad at 15 ward offices to tackle spitting menace

The G20 meetings in Pune are approaching and Pune Municipal Corporation is leaving no stone unturned in making the city look beautiful and clean. The meetings are to be held in Pune on January 16 and 17, where delegates from over 35 countries would be visiting the city.

At most of the beautified places in the city, PMC has found that people have spitted and dirtied the area. To tackle the menace, PMC has set up a squad which will curb the menace of spitting.

Asha Raut, deputy commissioner, solid waste management, Pune Municipal Corporation informed that, “On January 10, 23 citizens were fined and PMC collected Rs 23,000. On January 11, 29 citizens were fined and the PMC collected Rs 29,000 while on January 12, 71 citizens were fined and Rs 71,000 was collected. Till date, a total of Rs 1,23,000 fine has been collected from people found spitting in public places. Those who were unable to pay the fine, PMC staff asked the violators to clean the place. “

Raut further stated that citizens should maintain cleanliness around them and support the PMC to ensure that the city always looks clean and beautiful.

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