PMC’s New Idea For Public Toilet Maintenance : Offers Space For Advertisement  

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PMC's New Idea For Public Toilet Maintenance : Offers Space For Advertisement - (Representable Image) Pune Pulse

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For proper maintenance of public toilets at important places in Pune city, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued a tender for the maintenance and repair of public toilets in exchange of advertising rights.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sandip Kadam, Deputy Commissioner, PMC Solid Waste Management Department, said “Currently, we have started this idea on pilot basis where tenders have been floated for the upkeep & maintenance of four public toilets at Yerawada, Kharadi and Airport Road. Out of this, what will happen is public toilets will get maintained & fixed. In return, the concerned entity will get 900 sq. ft. nearby that particular public toilet for putting up an advertisement”.

As per further information from Sandip Kadam, as of now, this idea is on trial basis for public toliets in Yerawada, Kharadi, Airport Road. The PMC hasn’t thought about making this full time for all public toilets in Pune.

Public toilets have been constructed on behalf of the Municipal Corporation. The maintenance-repair works of these toilets are done through contractors.

PMC every year, for this, spends lakhs of rupees. Now, the Municipal Corporation has brought forward the concept of maintenance and repair of toilets in exchange for advertising rights to save costs. It will be started on a pilot basis with the maintenance and repair of public toilets in Yerwada, Kharadi and Airport Road. 

In return, a total area of ​​900 sq. ft. will be made available for advertisement hoarding at the toilets. The first six months, after the completion of the tender process, will be for the renovation and beautification of these public toilets. After this, for the next 10 years, the concerned entity has to maintain and repair the toilets.

Shreyas Vange