PMRDA Expedites Metro line 3 Work ; Begins Laying Tracks at Maan & Hinjewadi

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Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) has fast tracked the work of Metro Line 3 of Maan-Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar. Track laying for line 3 has started at the Carshed (Depot) at Maan and the station (PMR-1) at Hinjewadi.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Rinaj Pathan, Chief Engineer, PMRDA Metro Division, said “The work of laying tracks at Maan & Hinjewadi has begun. For this work, around 6000 Tonnes of tracks were requested out of which around 3000 Tonnes of tracks have arrived for the first phase. Hence, the work is going on smoothly & at expected pace.”

As per further information shared by Pathan, the entire work of constructing Metro Line 3 will be done till November 2024 &, after testing & other formalities, the Metro Line 3 is expected to open for public on March 2025.

The entire size of the Metro Line 3 will be 23.3 km.

The work of the Metro line between Maan-Hinjawadi-Shivajinagar is going on at a fast pace in various parts. The work of laying track for testing of metro trains has been started at this place recently. Just like Depot, ‘Track Plinth Casting’ work has been started at ‘PMR-1’ (Phase-3 Circle). For this, the first stock of rails has been made available to ‘Pune IT City’ Metro.

The metro route (viaduct) has been completed in parts at Hinjewadi. Therefore, the work of laying the track will be expanded in all these areas in a phased manner.

‘Third Line’ technology will be used for Maan-Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar route. In this, electricity is supplied to the train through the ‘third line’ from the two lines of the metro. This type of technology has been used in some cities in the country like New Delhi, Kochi, Bangalore, Lucknow. It will be used for the first time for a metro line in Pune.

Shreyas Vange