PMRDA to soon construct glass skywalk at Tiger and Lions Point in Lonavala

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PMRDA to soon construct glass skywalk at Tiger and Lions Point in Lonavala

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By: Pune Pulse

November 13, 2023

Pune: The Pune Metropolitan Area Development Authority (PMRDA) has taken a significant step towards promoting tourism in Lonavala by constructing the ‘Glass Skywalk’ at Tiger Point and Lions Point.

The decision was taken during a recent meeting in Mumbai, led by Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra with a focus on tourism development in the Lonavala and Maval area. Acknowledging the natural beauty of the Lonavala region and the considerable number of tourists it attracts, the initial plan proposed the construction of a ‘glass skywalk’. The envisioned project includes adventure games and facilities for children, with a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly and nature-conscious.

However, due to the Tourism Department’s inability to carry out the project, Pawar instructed PMRDA to take over. The first step involved creating a detailed project plan with funding from the state government. The estimated cost for the ‘Glass Skywalk’ project is approximately Rs 100 Crores.

As per the information provided, the plan prioritizes the safety of tourists, emphasizes environmental preservation, using stones instead of concrete for footpaths, incorporates designs that enhance the natural surroundings, and provides necessary facilities, including parking.

As per the information received, the ‘Glass Skywalk’ project is set to occupy 4.84 hectares of land at Tiger Point and Lions Point, providing exciting adventure activities like zip-lining, a food park, an amphitheater, an open gym, and a range of games.

This initiative is in line to convert these scenic spots into lively tourist destinations that cater to both thrill-seekers and those who prefer a serene natural environment. The PMRDA is anticipated to present a funding proposal to the government soon, requesting authorization for this impressive tourism venture.