Prime Minister’s Office Directs Probe Against IAS Officer Pooja Khedkar

Investigation Intensifies In IAS Pooja Khedkar Case: Certifying Officers Under Scrutiny

Investigation Intensifies In IAS Pooja Khedkar Case: Certifying Officers Under Scrutiny

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The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has taken cognizance of serious allegations against IAS officer Pooja Khedkar, whose conduct at the Pune collector’s office has raised eyebrows. The controversy deepened after reports surfaced accusing Khedkar of submitting fraudulent documents to secure her position in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

The PMO, in a rare move, has intervened directly, demanding a detailed report from the Pune District Collector regarding Khedkar’s alleged misconduct. Sources suggest that Khedkar, who was recently transferred to Washim amidst growing scrutiny, may face severe consequences if the allegations are proven true.

Khedkar, originally under scrutiny for behavioral issues at the Pune Collectorate, now faces accusations of submitting misleading medical documents during her recruitment process. Despite being summoned multiple times for a medical examination in Delhi, Khedkar reportedly failed to comply, raising further questions about her integrity and compliance with administrative norms.

The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Administrative Academy (LBSNAA), responsible for training India’s future administrative leaders, has also initiated inquiries into Khedkar’s conduct during her training period. Deputy Director Shailesh Naval has formally requested a comprehensive report from the Maharashtra state government, underscoring the seriousness with which the academy views the allegations.

Meanwhile, amidst the escalating controversy, Khedkar has yet to assume her duties in Washim following her transfer, prompting additional concerns within the administrative circles about her commitment to service responsibilities.

With the matter now escalated to the highest administrative levels, including the PMO and LBSNAA, the future of Pooja Khedkar’s career hangs in the balance pending the outcome of these investigations. Observers anticipate decisive action from Delhi in the coming days as the government seeks to uphold the integrity and standards of the civil service.