Prior to Lok Sabha elections, Pune police removes security cover of 85 “non-categorised protectees”, freeing up 300 personnel

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Prior to Lok Sabha elections, Pune police removes security cover of 85 "non-categorised protectees", freeing up 300 personnel

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After a review by a committee chaired by Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar, the Pune police have changed the security cover of 23 installations and removed the cover of 85 “non-categorised protectees,” freeing up over 300 personnel to be assigned to other tasks. The choice was made in the midst of Pune City Police preparing for the next Lok Sabha elections.

On the advice of two distinct committees, the Maharashtra state police force offers security protection to individuals. One committee is a powerful state-level committee made up of important security apparatus officials. Based on a variety of factors, including intelligence inputs, this committee has determined threat perception, which is used to recommend security in categories X to Z+. “Categorized protectees” are the individuals this state-level committee has recommended.

The other committee operates at the level of specific police units, such as large city police commissionerates or districts. Police Commissioners and Police Superintendents, for example, are among the specific unit commanders who oversee these committees. These unit-level committees offer security to individuals within their purview either by evaluating applications from those who request police protection—a fee-based service—or by assessing threats as judged by them. This committee’s recommended group of individuals is known as “non-categorised protectees.”

Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar announced that the security granted to 85 non-categorised protectees has been removed subsequent to a review conducted by the unit level committee. A review of certain installations’ security has also been conducted.

There were 110 people receiving security cover in total, but 85 of them have had their security cover revoked, according to sources. Some businesspeople and political leaders are among those whose covers have been revoked. Social activists, people whose threat perception has been evaluated at the local unit level, and witnesses or complainants in certain cases are among those whose security has been retained.

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