Pune : 1600 bikers fined for violating traffic rules on Symbolic Helmet Day

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Symbolic Helmet Day held in Pune city saw action against 1600 bikers for flouting traffic rules. 

The event, initiated by Pune District Collector Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, saw bike riders wearing helmets receiving roses at various intersections and government buildings throughout the day. Non-compliant riders were occasionally warned and faced retaliatory action, resulting in fines amounting to over INR 8,13,000.

Vijay Kumar Magar, deputy Commissioner of Police, Pune Traffic Police, reported a total of 1,626 bike riders were penalized for riding without helmets, contributing to the substantial fine collection. 

Additionally, Regional Transport Officer Ajit Shinde stated that the transport department took penal action against 650 helmetless riders.

Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh, the Collector, emphasized the importance of helmet usage and urged officials to participate in the symbolic helmet day by wearing helmets themselves. The objective was to protect both riders and raise public awareness about helmet safety. Consequently, the transport department and traffic police conducted awareness campaigns across the city.

Officers from the Regional Transport Department were stationed at the entrances of state government offices, semi-government offices, central government offices, and public enterprise offices. Helmet users were greeted with roses, and attendees were educated about the life-saving benefits of wearing helmets. Those without helmets were encouraged to purchase them through awareness initiatives. 

Regional Transport Officer Ajit Shinde reiterated the transport department’s commitment to penalizing helmetless riders, emphasizing that 650 individuals had already faced consequences for their actions.

To ensure the success of the event, the Pune City Traffic Branch deployed additional personnel. A total of 43 officers and 500 enforcers participated in activities related to Symbolic Helmet Day at 51 intersections and government office premises. The initiative was well-received by the citizens of Pune.

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