Pune Railway’s Surprise Inspection Exposes Multiple Unauthorized Activities in Jhelum Express Pantry Car

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In an effort to ensure passenger safety and adherence to regulations, the Pune Railway Division recently conducted a surprise inspection of the Pantry Car No. 11078 Jhelum Express, traveling from Jammu Tawi to Pune. Led by Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Milind Hirve and Assistant Commercial Manager Ajay Kumar, the inspection team, including Catering Inspector A. R. Arde and Nirpin Biswas, uncovered several unauthorized activities on May 24.

During the thorough examination of the pantry car, it came to light that domestic gas cylinders were being utilized instead of the approved commercial cylinders. This discovery raised serious concerns regarding safety standards. Additionally, the team discovered unauthorized water bottles, which posed a potential health risk to the passengers.

Taking immediate action, the team confiscated the illicit gas cylinders, grates, and unauthorized water bottles, promptly handing them over to the relevant authorities for further investigation and necessary measures. The catering contractor responsible for these irregularities was fined Rs 1 lakh, emphasizing the gravity of the offense. Furthermore, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) was promptly notified of the incident to address the issues within the railway administration.

In light of this incident, the railway administration strongly advises passengers to prioritize their safety while traveling. Passengers are urged to only purchase food items from authorized food stalls and vendors sanctioned by the Indian Railways. By doing so, passengers can ensure the quality and safety of the meals they consume during their journeys.

The Pune Railway Division remains committed to providing a secure and reliable service to its passengers. Efforts to enforce regulations and maintain the highest standards of safety will continue to be a top priority for the railway administration.