Pune Accident: Builder’s Son Granted Bail Within 15 Hours After Killing Two in Car Crash

Pune Accident: Builder's Son Granted Bail Within 15 Hours After Killing Two

Pune Accident: Builder's Son Granted Bail Within 15 Hours After Killing Two

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Within a mere 15 hours of the devastating accident that claimed the lives of two individuals, Vedant Agarwal, the accused, son of renowned builder Vishal Agarwal of Bramha Realty, was granted bail by a holiday court.

Vedant Agarwal’s legal representative, asserted, “My client, Vedant Agarwal, was apprehended in connection with an incident registered at Yerwada police station. The Honorable Court exhibited leniency by granting my client bail under specific conditions. We maintain complete confidence in the ongoing investigation and pledge to extend our full cooperation to the law enforcement agencies. It is incumbent upon my client to adhere to the stringent conditions set forth by the Honorable Court. We remain committed to attending all legal proceedings and await the outcome of the investigation.”

Investigations by the Pune Police have disclosed that Vedant, a minor aged 17 years and eight months, had attended a gathering at two restaurant and bars situated in Koregaon Park. The tragic accident unfolded around 3 am on Sunday, claiming the lives of Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta near Landmark Society in Kalyani Nagar. The minor was accompanied by two friends and his driver during this fateful episode. 

Despite the presence of a designated driver, Vedant insisted on operating the vehicle himself, leading to the fatal collision. This disturbing incident has prompted inquiries into how the minor accessed the establishment.

Reportedly, the minor had recently cleared his 12th-grade examinations from a CBSE board school and opted to commemorate the occasion with his companions. They patronized the aforementioned establishments in Koregaon Park, yet the circumstances surrounding the minor’s admission into the premises remain unclear.

It has come to light that the minor’s father had recently procured a brand-new Porsche car, which had not yet undergone registration with the RTO and therefore lacked a license plate. The minor opted to drive this vehicle to the venue and subsequently intended to drive it back home post-celebration. Regrettably, his reckless driving led to a loss of control near Landmark Society on Kalyani nagar – Airport Road, culminating in the collision with the motorcycle ridden by Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta.

The Pune Police have registered a case against the minor under Sections 279, 304(a), 337, 338, and 427 of the IPC, as well as Sections 184 and 119/177 of the Motor Vehicles Act. Aqib Ramzan Mulla, a 24-year-old resident of Chandannagar and native of Solapur, has lodged the complaint.

Furthermore, the Pune Police have announced their intent to prosecute the builder for permitting his underage son to operate a vehicle that resulted in the tragic fatalities. Additionally, legal action will be taken against the owner of the bar in Koregaon Park, where the minor was served alcohol. “In light of the accident, the father of the accused and the bar that served alcohol to the juvenile/accused are being pursued under Sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice Act,” declared the police. Vedant was apprehended by the Yerwada police station and presented before a holiday magistrate court, which subsequently granted him bail. Although his blood sample has been collected for alcohol testing, the results are pending. According to police reports, Vedant had visited a pub in Koregaon Park prior to the tragic incident.