Pune activist highlights concerns about Ruby Hall to Ramwadi Metro stretch inauguration 

Pune activist highlights concerns about Ruby Hall to Ramwadi Metro stretch inauguration

Pune activist highlights concerns about Ruby Hall to Ramwadi Metro stretch inauguration

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Qaneez Sukhrani, a Pune citizen activist, has raised some concerns regarding the Pune Metro’s Ruby Hall to Ramwadi stretch prior to inauguration.

As per further information shared by Qaneez Sukhrani “We are amazed at the blitz by Maha Metro in the media through the Metro Rail News feed. All this is prior to the virtual inauguration that is scheduled to be done by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on March 6, 2024.”

Qaneez Sukhrani further shares “We have done more than sufficient communication with Metro Pune since 16th March 2022, hence we will not repeat. Suffice is to say that Maha Metro should have accepted what we were trying to communicate viz. the Ramwadi & Yerwada Metro stations but stubbornly stuck to what they think was / is right.”

According to Qaneez Sukhrani, here are a few questions which need serious & immediate reflection to ensure about the Ruby Hall to Ramwadi stretch while inauguration on 6th March 2024:

·         Does PM Narendra Modi know that the vicinity at and around these Metro station infra at Ramwadi & Yerawada is incomplete, full of debris, garbage, etc?

·         Does PM Narendra Modi know due to this, pedestrian safety is at risk if they have to undertake an obstacle-ridden path to embark / disembark for the lift, staircase, escalator of the stations subsequent to inauguration?

·         Does PM Narendra Modi know that his impeccable and unblemished track record is going to lend it’s name to a stretch which has multiple flaws, has encroached on City’s Development Plan of Nagar Road?

·         Does PM Narendra Modi know that these two sets of stations are going to be the cause of humongous traffic jams because Metro has set up the stations by grabbing space from the City’s Development Plan meant for vehicular movement and safe pedestrian pathways?

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