Pune : Animal Rights Activists hold protest against proposed “Live Animal Import Export Bill 2023”

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On Sunday, Animal lovers, Animal Rights Activists and Conscious Citizensprotested at Sambhaji Park, JM Road against the proposed “Live Animal Import/Export Bill 2023”.

This bill allows import/export of living animals with other countries.

Protester’s say transporting Living Animals on Ships and Vehicles to other countries is against fundamental rights of animals as they would be treated as acommodity. Also, it is known that animals get very bad treatment duringtransport, such as they are not given food or water during the entire journey. Many animals die due to suffocation, heat, starvation, trauma etc. Dead animals are dumped along the way in the sea.


Looking at such worse practices of transporting live animals, many countries like New Zealand have banned import/export of live animals recently. Protesters wonder how such a law could be proposed in India which has been the land of Ahimsa.

Protesters say, “Main issue is that Govt. has given only 10 days to discuss, debate the bill in the public domain, which is such a short period of time. This raises questions on the intention of Govt. if it is acting on behalf of the meat industry lobby.”

Already a huge online movement has started to oppose this bill on social media, where people from all walks of lives have raised objections to the bill.