Pune : Aundh Baner residents seek immediate resolution on civic issues

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Shivaji Nagar constituency MLA Sidharath Shirole conducted a review meeting at the Aundh Baner ward office to address various concerns raised by residents. 

During the meeting, one resident reiterated a problem that had been previously discussed in a meeting held ten days ago. The issue pertained to persistent water shortage in the Aundh area and the ongoing garbage problem. The resident emphasized the need for increased garbage vehicles to resolve the issue effectively.

Another resident brought to attention a serious matter concerning the theft of designer poles along the riverside. They expressed concern that despite the thefts, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) had not filed any complaints with the police. The resident stressed the importance of conducting an investigation into this matter.

Expressing gratitude, one resident acknowledged that their request for a new bus stop in Sanewadi had been fulfilled in the previous meeting. They thanked MLA Sidharath Shirole for addressing their concern.

Another resident raised the issue of the drainage system in the Aundh-Baner area, urging the PMC to conduct an audit to prevent potential problems during the upcoming rainy season. They emphasized the need for the PMC to clean the Nala and pay attention to the drainage system.

Preeti Shirode, a resident, highlighted the major issue of poorly maintained footpaths and illegal constructions taking place on them. This has made it difficult for people to use the footpaths for walking.

Sachin Wadekar expressed frustration regarding the stolen poles, stating that despite following up on the issue for the past year, the PMC has shown little interest in resolving it.

In response to the concerns raised, the MLA suggested that PMC officers inspect areas with non-functioning streetlights, as the safety of senior citizens during morning walks is paramount. He recommended installing new streetlights in those areas.

MLA Sidharath Shirole acknowledged the progress made in resolving some of the previously discussed issues while acknowledging that certain matters remained pending. He assured the attendees that efforts were being made to address the pending issues. The MLA also highlighted the pressing water shortage problem in the Aundh area, mentioning that people had been without water for the past four days. He committed to discussing the matter with the PMC commissioner and striving for a resolution.