Pune : Aundh Residents Troubled With Dumping Of Garbage

Aundh Residents Troubled With Dumping Of Garbage

Aundh Residents Troubled With Dumping Of Garbage

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By: Pune Pulse

September 21, 2023

Pune: The dumping and accumulation of garbage in Ambedkar Wasti has caused distress among the residents as it has become a breeding ground for diseases, stink, etc.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Ramesh Thosar, a resident of Ambedkar Vasti, Aundh said, “This garbage menace has been there in the area for a very long time. People keep on dumping garbage here, due to which residents of the area have to live under constant stink & suffer. Nobody has bothered to even address the issue, let alone resolve it. We are a locality where a large number of people are poor. If such cleanliness facilities aren’t provided to us, in what conditions are we supposed to live? Hence, proper resolution must be done for this.”

Tukaram Gade, a resident of Ambedkar Vasti, Aundh said, “Due to this garbage getting accumulated without removal, several diseases are on the rise as well. We have been complaining to the PMC regarding this, but no concrete solution has come up. Authorities only come here, check the problem, give us promises, and go. Nobody has come up with a solution to this.”

Sharmila Thosar, a resident of Ambedkar Vasti, Aundh said, “This issue has become very old now. What happens is people, who are not ready to pay for the PMC garbage vehicle for picking up garbage, their garbage isn’t picked up. So, they dump their garbage in the area. It has piled up significantly now.”

Abhijeet Wakle, an X user says, “Tons of garbage near the PMC building. Hotbed for viruses, bacteria, pests and diseases. Near Ambedkar Vasti, Aundh, Pune.”

Girish Dapkekar, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, Aundh Baner Ward Office said, “We have a designated garbage vehicle for Ambedkar Vasti which goes there every day to pick up waste. However, some people in the area do not pay the basic charges of the vehicle. The charge is Rs 30 per month i.e. Re 1 per day. Those who do not pay even this much have to resort to other methods to dump their waste. Hence, the garbage issue is increasing here. But, we are thinking about some other ways to keep this area clean all the time.”

Madhukar Musale, former BJP Pune City Vice President said, “The Corporation is sending garbage vehicles to pick up garbage but, due to some people not giving monthly charges, they are dumping their garbage in the area itself. However, some other effective solution is getting planned soon.”

Shreyas Vange