Pune : Automatic signalling system between Chinchwad to Khadki stations to increase line capacity

Pune Pulse Pune-Lonavala Railway section achieves full automation

Pune-Lonavala Railway section achieves full automation

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By:  Pune Pulse

August 23, 2023

Pune: The automatic signal system of railways in the Pune division is currently under construction. The work between Chinchwad and Khadki stations has been completed, and it is expected that it will be completed up to Pune station within the next three months.

It is worthy to note that after the completion of the work, the frequency of the trains will increase and multiple trains will be able to operate simultaneously. Recently, the railways completed the installation of a 10.18 km automatic signal system between Chinchwad and Khadki stations in the Pune division during the mega block.

Additionally, the 54.35-km stretch from Lonavala to Khadki in the Pune division is now an automatic signalling zone. The remaining 6.24 km stretch from Khadki to Pune will have the system operational in the next three months. The system is already operational between Mumbai and Lonavala. The implementation of the automatic signalling system in Chinchwad to Pune division will reduce train travel time and increase train speeds. After the completion of this project, trains will be able to run at a distance of one kilometre from each other. The system is fully automated and requires no human intervention. 

As per the information received, the advanced system will prevent human errors and minimize the risk of accidents. Additionally, the system includes auxiliary warning systems on trains and railroads, which will determine the safe speed of the train at each signal. The system will gradually slow down the train after crossing the yellow light and apply emergency brakes if the motorman ignores the red light. 

While talking to Pune Pulse, Ramdas Bhise, Central Railway, PRO, added, “Automatic signalling is used to increase the line capacity of the section. In this signals are available at every 1 kilometre and they change their aspect automatically according to the train passing ahead. Presently, both absolute and automatic signalling is there in LNL-PA Section. LNL-CCH was automatic. CCH-KK is converted to automatic on August 20. Now KK-SVJR is still working on an absolute block system.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate