Viral Post on X reveals tale of abandoned Mercedes in Pune

Viral Post on X reveals tale of abandoned Mercedes in Pune

Viral Post on X reveals tale of abandoned Mercedes in Pune

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A recent post on X (formerly Twitter) has ignited a flurry of online discussions surrounding an abandoned Mercedes S600 W220 (extended) in Pune.

Shared by user Rattan Dillon, the post has captured the attention of social media users, prompting speculation and intrigue about the vehicle’s mysterious backstory.

Dillon’s post reads, “Abandoned 2006 Mercedes S600 W220 (Extended) lying at Pune. I hope this car undergoes restoration and finds a new lease on life.” Alongside this statement, he delves into the captivating narrative behind the neglected luxury automobile.

According to Dillon, the car was once owned by a 53-year-old individual who operated a chit-fund organization. In 2004, he fulfilled his long-standing dream of acquiring the Mercedes S600 W220 (Extended). However, the allure of luxury soon turned sour when authorities received a tip implicating him in illicit financial activities.

Facing the threat of legal repercussions, the individual found himself at the center of a police raid. Despite the allegations of involvement in black money, he managed to evade immediate consequences by resorting to bribery. However, the looming spectre of government scrutiny proved too daunting to ignore.

In a bid to escape potential prosecution, the owner hastily abandoned the Mercedes in 2009, opting to flee the country instead. Before embarking on his hasty departure, he left the car parked at its current location, presumably en route to the airport in a taxi.

This post, however, has drawn mixed reactions from readers. While some are awestruck by the story, a few others find it difficult to believe.

One user wrote, “Nobody tried to steal the wheels at least..? What an honest city Pune must be.”

Another user corroborated the story of the car saying, “I have seen this exact car many times. This is near the market yard. Kind of surprised to know the interesting story behind it. Whether it gets restored or not it should definitely get moved from there.”

One sceptical user did not find truth in this post saying, “Looks fake, same location on google earth street view.” He shared the google earth street view of the same location without the car

“Aree sir it’s still in Pune, but I believe it was relocated from the same place just two days ago, with hopes of getting a new owner.”

The tale of the abandoned Mercedes has captivated the imaginations of netizens, prompting discussions about the consequences of financial misdeeds and the fate of luxury possessions in the face of adversity. As the online buzz continues to grow, many hope that the once-glamorous vehicle will undergo restoration and find a new purpose, symbolizing redemption amidst its turbulent past.