Pune-Bengaluru Highway: Adhere to Speed Limit of 40 km/h from Katraj Tunnel to Navale Bridge

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A comprehensive evaluation of the implemented road safety measures on the Pune-Bengaluru National Highway, specifically from Katraj New Tunnel to Navale Bridge, took place during a recent meeting convened by the Road Safety Committee. Chaired by District Collector Rajesh Deshmukh, the meeting focused on ensuring rigorous compliance with regulations and taking decisive actions against violators.

The gathering saw the participation of key stakeholders, including Deputy Commissioner of Police of Pune City Traffic Branch Vijay Kumar Magar, Project Director of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) Sanjay Kadam, Regional Transport Officer Ajit Shinde, Superintending Engineer of Public Works Department Bappa Bahir, and representatives from the ‘Save Life Foundation’.

300 vehicles per day are being fined by Pune Traffic Police for violations of Traffic rules : Vijay Magar 

As per the recommendations of the previous committee, a police post has been established near Jambhulwadi, adjacent to Katraj New Tunnel, with round-the-clock police personnel deployment and the assignment of ten officers. The increased patrolling by police vehicles has yielded commendable results. Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar Magar highlighted that an average of 300 vehicles per day are being held accountable for various traffic violations.

Establishments breaking road dividers will face license cancellations : Dr Rajesh Deshmukh 

However, the committee noted with concern that certain roadside establishments, including hotels and businesses, are breaching the divider between the main road and the service road for their commercial gain. This hazardous practice not only poses a risk of accidents due to sudden turns onto the main road but also endangers other road users.

To curb this menace, Collector Dr. Deshmukh firmly stated that stringent action, including license cancellations, would be taken against those found guilty of breaking the divider.

Proposal sent demanding interceptor vehicles to district planning committee to address speeding and traffic rule violations  

To address the issue of overspeeding and traffic rule violations, both the rural police and the city traffic department have been directed to promptly submit a proposal for interceptor vehicles to the district planning committee. Additionally, it was emphasized that CCTV cameras should be installed in every lane of the highway, integrated with the police department’s software for swift action against violators.

To mitigate risks, heavy vehicles have been instructed to adhere to a speed limit of 40 km/h between Katraj Tunnel and Navale Bridge, reducing the likelihood of accidents. The previous notification regarding the reduction of fines has been rescinded.

The Collector highlighted the importance of creating public awareness about traffic rules and regulations. To achieve this, the public announcement system at Khed Shivapur Toll Plaza will be utilized to continuously disseminate reminders and educate the public.

Wear Helmet – urged district administration 

The meeting also explored strategies to promote helmet usage among government officials. The transport department and the police were urged to collaborate in organizing campaigns such as ‘One Day for the Head’, targeting individuals who neglect to wear helmets. The Collector emphasized the significance of training master trainers to effectively communicate the importance of helmets and enforce penalties when necessary.

During the meeting, discussions were extended to address accident-prone areas, known as black spots, on Ahmednagar Road. Efforts to identify these spots and implement appropriate measures were acknowledged, demonstrating a commitment to overall road safety.

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