Pune : BJP Alleges PMC Officials of Submitting Fake Drainage Cleaning Reports

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In a significant development, Jagdish Mulik, the Bharatiya Janata Party Pune City chief, held a meeting today with Vikram Kumar, the Municipal Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation, to address the growing concerns regarding drainage cleaning and sanitation in the city.

Expressing his concerns, Mulik stated, “The condition of drain cleanliness in Pune is alarming, with the actual sanitation work being merely a paper exercise. Fake reports of completed drain sanitation work are being submitted to the Municipal Commissioner. To rectify this issue and ensure proper waste management for the citizens of Pune, I have requested the Municipal Commissioner to take immediate action and resolve the drainage sanitation problem once and for all. I have also emphasized the need for special attention to areas prone to heavy rain every year.”

Following the discussion, the Municipal Commissioner assured Mulik that a dedicated team would be assigned for drain cleaning, along with plans for storm lines in rain-affected areas. The Municipal Commissioner claimed that approximately 63% of the drain sanitation work has already been completed. However, this information was based on reports provided by junior officials. 

To verify the progress, Mulik, as the BJP City chief, announced his intention to visit the locations where the reported 63% drain cleaning work has taken place.

Efforts will be made to complete the remaining drain cleaning work, covering around 180 km of drain lines in the city, within the next 15 days. The BJP City chief and concerned officials aim to ensure transparency and accountability in drain sanitation activities, thereby addressing the genuine concerns of the citizens of Pune.

Shreyas Vange