Pune Celebrates Museum Day with Enthusiasm at R K Laxman Museum in Baner

Pune Pulse

May 18 is celebrated as World Museum Day. As a celebration of this special day, an event was organized by R K Laxman Foundation at the Baner based R K Laxman Museum. Nano technologist, Physicist Prof. Dr. Sulabha Kulkarni, art enthusiast K D Kulkarni, Radio Jockey Teju from Radio City, Director of Operations of Seva Sahayog foundation, Shailesh Ghatpande, Chairperson of R. K. Laxman Foundation, Usha Laxman, Founders of MakeShift Ruchira Sawant and Sharwari Kulkarni and Assistant Manager from SBI foundation Ritesh Sain.

Children from Snehavan Organization visited the museum and attended a session by dignitaries. In the museum tour they explored the personal and professional life of legendary cartoonist Mr. R. K. Laxman. A long with cartoons, students watched the replica of Malgudi village, clicked selfies with statue of common man and enjoyed the day of museums!

Guests guided students and asked them to peruse their passion like R. K. Laxman. RJ Teju told her personal journey and how her efforts helped her to achieve her dream. Kulkarni, told about his experiences with R. K. Laxman. Kulkarni had met Laxman in Times of India office. Museum visit took him back in time, is what he narrated in his speech.

Sain from SBI foundation declared the partnership with Seva Sahyog Foundation, R.K. Laxman foundation and MakeShift for project ‘Vision Thread’. The ‘Vision Thread’ Program offers an opportunity to learn creative expression and appreciate art. 1200 students from Schools of Pune Municipal Corporation will find their medium of expression in this process. Guided by R.K.Laxman’s philosophy in the R K Laxman Museum, this program will help children to explore cartoons from every domain, Indian history, famous personalities, and connect with common man issues. Cultivating observation, humor, and empathy for a brighter future.

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