Pune citizens worried with non- availability of Diwali ration ‘Aanandacha Shidha’

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Pune citizens worried with non- availability of Diwali ration ‘Aanandacha Shidha’

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‘Aanandacha Shidha’, which contains several daily household grocery items such as edible oil, sugar, maida, flour, poha etc all for only Rs 100, which was promised by the state government for everyone on the occasion of Diwali, is not available at as many as 200 ration shops in Pune. Hence, the common citizens are angry.

A Pune resident expressed her anger by saying that Diwali has started. Their happiness is spoiled because they haven’t got ‘Aanandacha Shidha’. The state government only makes promises every time.

Another Pune resident said that now they are on the empty promises of the government. Does the state government want the common people to celebrate the festival ? 

The Diwali ration of the poor depends on the stock in the shop. Only wheat and rice are available in these shops at this time.

The state government has announced that the people will be provided with “Aanandacha Shidha” for Diwali for only one hundred rupees. But around two hundred ration shops in various parts of Pune city including Sinhagad Road do not have the ration kit.

The ‘Aanandacha Shidha’ kit contains one kg each of sugar, edible oil and half a kg each of semolina, dal flour, maida and poha. It was also announced by the government that this ration kit will be distributed from October 25 to November 30. But despite the start of Diwali festival, common people are still awaiting ‘Aanandacha Shidha’.

Pune District Collector said that the stock of ration kits could not reach urban areas due to delay from the main distribution department which supplies foodgrains for Pune district. However, it has become available in rural areas on Thursday. Instructions have been given to the authorities to make this stock available at all places.

Shreyas Vange