Pune City Congress stages silent protest against income tax raid at BBC office

Pune: The Pune City Congress party took to the streets to protest against the recent income tax raid on the offices of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Delhi and Mumbai. The silent protest was held near the Patrakar Bhavan in Pune, where Congress city president and activists were present.

The Congress party’s protest in Pune was an attempt to bring attention to the issue and raise public awareness of the challenges facing the media in India.

“The Congress party believes that the income tax raids on the BBC were not a coincidence, but a targeted attack on the media house for its recent documentary on the Gujarat riots of 2002. Since 2014, any media house that takes a stand against the Modi government has been facing severe consequences, including the exit of concerned reporters or businessmen buying out media houses”, alleged Arvind Shinde, Congress City President.

He further said, “The concerns over the freedom of speech and the right to information in India has been raised.” 

He urged media house owners to remain vigilant and stand up for the truth as part of their responsibility to uphold the freedom of speech.”

Mrunal Jadhav 

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