Pune News : Animal activists to stage protest against Bramha Suncity residents

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Pune: After the silent march by residents of Bramha Suncity in Wadgaonsheri against the growing problem of stray dogs in their society, animal activists have organised a large protest at the society’s gate on Sunday, 19th February 2023 at 3 pm. However, the residents have alleged that various dog feeders are targeting them.

The population of stray dogs in the society is increasing, causing major concerns for the residents. They are unable to utilize their own parking spaces due to the fear of these dogs. The safety of senior citizens and children has also become a significant issue. Furthermore, the constant barking and howling of the stray dogs at odd hours is resulting in insomnia and health problems. Poor hygiene due to dog poop and leftover food from feeding activities is also becoming a major issue.

After a 7-year-old child was attacked by a pack of aggressive stray dogs, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has started a drive to take away aggressive dogs that pose a threat to human life inside the society, as per the law. A sterilization campaign has also been carried out.

However, the residents are now alleging that some animal activists are spreading conspiracy theories and circulating old videos and pictures on social media that have no relevance to the present events. Some overzealous activists even entered the society forcibly and started taking pictures and videos without consent.

A resident of Bramha Suncity, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “About the last video which was surfacing on social media that the dog lovers were beaten by the Bramha Suncity residents, it is completely false as these people had invaded in our society without any consent and were taking videos of PMC drive which was going on, and then they tried to capture a woman in video, after which she opposed them. The dog lovers did not say anything at that time, and later they made an issue of it. As the society is a private property, one can feed dogs outside society. The majority of people are demanding the same, and looking at the minority, decisions are being taken. Whatever the law is, it is not applicable to a private property.”

Moreover, residents of the society are being deliberately maligned by animal activists across social media, with false accusations being leveled against them without a shred of evidence.