Pune City Police Seeks Feedback on No Parking Zone in Wanowrie

No Parking
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The Pune City Deputy Commissioner of Traffic, Vijay Magar, has invited residents of Wanowrie to provide their suggestions and objections regarding a proposed No Parking zone along the stretch from Jambhulkar Chowk to Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue (Divya Nagar). The intended area covers both sides of the road, spanning approximately 400 meters.

In an effort to ensure public participation and gather valuable feedback, the residents are encouraged to share their opinions between May 30 and June 13, 2023. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, has designated the Yerwada post office, Bungalow number 6, Jail Road, as the mailing address for the suggestions.

The proposed No Parking zone aims to enhance traffic management and streamline vehicular movement in Wanowrie. By implementing parking restrictions along this particular stretch, the traffic department aims to alleviate congestion issues and ensure smoother traffic flow. The Deputy Commissioner of Traffic acknowledges the importance of considering the concerns and suggestions of the local residents, as they are directly affected by the proposed change.

Residents of Wanowrie are encouraged to carefully analyse the potential impact of the No Parking zone and provide their suggestions and objections in writing. This opportunity allows individuals to express their views and contribute to the decision-making process, ultimately fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach to urban planning. The Traffic Department looks forward to receiving the valuable feedback from the residents of Wanowrie to ensure that the proposed changes address the community’s needs effectively.